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A Story of Personal Growth and Redemption

When army recruit, Sean Donoghue, tries to commit suicide, Lieutenant Phillip Selby, is sent to see him in hospital to make a psychological assessment. Selby realizes that this is a delicate case and that unless Sean undergoes psychotherapy, he is likely to try again. As Sean works through the shadows haunting him to confront myriad layers of abuse and abandonment, everyone around him is affected. Not even Selby is immune and as the political climate in the country worsens, he faces his own growing dilemma in the novel. 


While The Force of Truth is set in South Africa in 1983, and is tied to specifically South African themes of racial obsession and social exclusion, it is also universal. Told with compelling simplicity, the novel offers the hope that whatever forces divide and oppress people, these forces can be overcome through honesty and compassion.


In the time of a pandemic and widespread upheaval, this anthology addresses the spiritual malaise underlying the present world crisis and asks the question whether there might not be another way if only we can embrace a new idea of who we are in connection with life and all that is. The first collection, entitled New Beginnings, draws Nature and the Bible to compare our present ‘winter of discontent’ to the  possibility of a new beginning, a ’spring of peace’ for humankind. The second collection, entitled Seeds of Awakening, is a celebration of the ongoing presence of spiritual masters on the earth and invites us to awaken to ’the whisper of eternity trying to be born’ in each of us. 

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